Top Trending White Granite Colors

Top Trending White Granite Colors In 2021

Investing on a countertop for your kitchen is one of the best decisions you can make for your home. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to pick the perfect countertop for your kitchen. Instead of going to synthetic or engineered stone countertops, many people opt to get granite countertops instead.

Granite is one of the most popular countertops currently and it falls just behind quartz and marble. As a countertop material, granite is both durable and beautiful as it’s longevity goes well with its amazing simple looks. It comes in various colors but the most popular currently are white granite countertops and it’s easy to see why.

Granite countertops are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms, and many other purposes. They’re built to last and are built to have all sorts of functions which is why they’re a great countertop option no matter what. To cap it all of, it’s one of the cheapest countertop options for natural stone too.

Why granite countertops add a ton of regalness to your home’s overall aesthetic appeal. Beyond that, white granite looks very similar to marble and with its price being significantly lower, it’s a great way to make your home look more fancy without having to go all out on your budget as compared to what you’d spend on.

White granite countertops come in many forms and there isn’t exactly one option to pick. Like the countertop industry, there are countless marble countertops to choose from and we believe that some are able to stand out better than the rest. Here’s a good look as the trending white granite countertop options this 2021

Alaska White

This white granite countertop option gets its name from the fact that it looks like a winter wonderland-esque countertop. It incorporates amazing shades of grays and whites. At the same time, there are soft browns and onyx hues as well. You’ll certainly be reminded of the Alaskan visage when thinking of this countertop.

Due to its color scheme, Alaska White countertops are good for dark or white cabinetry and kitchen fixtures. It’s also one of the cheaper countertop options out there with a price range of $65-$75 per square foot. If you are on a budget, this is definitely one of the best countertop options for granite currently.

Moon White

If you want a granite countertop that’s able to illuminate rooms naturally, we suggest getting the moon white granite countertop. True to its name, the moon white granite countertop features beautiful ivory silver laced with deep black colors across the surface. It really does look like the night sky on a cool night.

It’s currently the cheapest granite countertop option with a price of $45-$49 per square foot. A lot of homeowners choose to get this for their kitchen because it’s very easy to match with any aesthetic. For that reason alone, it’s now one of the most popular countertop options on the market and it’s very easy to see why.

New River White

The new river white granite countertop is a bedrock alabaster. The key defining feature of this countertop option is its red specks and silver veins that are scattered around the surface. The new river white granite is sourced directly from India and it comes in various color combinations as well. It’s a must for many homes too.

The problem with new river white is that it’s red specks can be quite tough to pair. However, black kitchen cabinetry and fixtures can work wonders with this natural stone countertop option. It can cost around $55-$60 per square foot installed so it’s not a bad option budget-wise as well.

White Ornamental

One of the simplest looking white granite countertop options currently is white ornamental. It spots many shades of soft whites, creams, tans, and grays which blend well with the milky white surface of the countertop. Because there’s not a lot of variation that goes on with the colors, it’s ideal for most home options.

It’s versatility is one of the reasons why white ornamental remains to be the most popular white granite countertop option on the market currently. Whether you want to add it to your kitchen or bathroom, there’s no denying that white ornamental granite countertops blend well with most kitchen aesthetics without standing out too much.

White Valley

For starters, this is called as white valley granite because its appeal looks closely similar to white stretching mountain ranges. The shades of grey blends well with the milky white stone, thus looking as a mountain that you’d find over in the distance. This results in a timeless design that makes spaces look more and more sophisticated.

This white granite countertop is best paired with off-white cabinets but in reality, they can be perfect for various kitchen styles. It’s a flexible and gorgeous material that no home should be without. It also has a medium price range so you don’t have to worry too much about your budget for something as elegant as white valley.

Colonial White

This is a milky white countertop that has a speckled silver surface. It’s sourced directly from India and by far, it’s one of the best countertop options out there for people who want a simplistic countertop for their modern kitchen. To make things even better, colonial white is great for modern and contemporary homes too.

The combination of gray and black sprinkled bits adds a lot of style to your home. It’s usually used for a home’s flooring but it can be used for tables and countertops as well. The colonial white granite is a must for those that want a unique floor for their home and it’s arguable one of the most versatile options out there.

Alps White

By the name itself, you already know what this granite countertop is hoping to achieve. The alps white granite countertop offers amazing flecks of Bordeaux partnered with shimmering white diamond and the bold dark accents of the alps. The result is a beautifully soothing color that’s perfect for a kitchen going for a luxurious look.

White Spring

If you are going for a timeless look for your kitchen, you might want to get spring granite. It is a brazilian mined granite that features crystallized bedrocks with various minerals and minings in between. It was one of the most popular options years ago, and it’s still a very popular option now – a true testament to its timelessness.

Some of the vein colors you’ll find in a white spring countertop iwhite, gray and red. Because of these dark colored veins, white spring countertop is a lot darker looking as compared to other white granite countertop options. However, because of this appeal, it’s a perfect combination for mahogany accent cabinets and others.

Salinas White

Shipped from Brazil, salinas white granite is a simple looking countertop that can do wonders in terms of design. It has misty gray, soft tans, and deep onyx specks. What results is a beautiful looking countertop that has a low contrast style but is elegant nonetheless. It’s a must for any kitchen and bathroom.

Thanks to its versatile appeal, salinas white it can be a perfect outdoor countertop too. This white countertop material blends well with the backyard, thus making it the perfect option if you want to have your own kitchen within your patio. It doesn’t stand out too much but it does give the right amount of appeal nonetheless.

White granite countertops are very abundant and they are easier to find as compared to darkers colors. The biggest benefit to them is their versatility and cheap pricing. Whether you want a simple or sophisticated home, there’s a white granite countertop for you. As such, it’s always a good option to pick white.

While beautiful, white granite countertops are certainly not something you’d want to be careless over. As they are pure white, you need to be careful around them lest you want to have permanent stains which are very visible on white countertop surfaces. Make sure to wipe the countertop down everytime something spills.

Whenever a dark colored liquid spills on the white granite countertop, make sure to clean off the area immediately. Stains are going to be very prominent on countertops like these so proper maintenance is a must too. Aside from a cleaning cloth, make sure that there’s a mild dish soap for a deeper clean nearby too.

A white granite countertop is a good investment for your kitchen and it’s definitely not something you’d want to bypass on your next time shopping for something for your home. Hopefully, this short guide tells you a lot about white granite countertops and why they are a perfect fit for your home’s kitchen, bathroom, and others.

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