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Types Of Natural Stone Countertops: Best Options For Kitchen Counters

Your kitchen island or peninsula is an excellent element in your pantry because it adds beauty and functionality. In line, you have plenty of materials to choose from for installing your kitchen countertops, and natural stone is one of them. 

Let’s try to forget about the brands and focus more on the features and benefits of these natural stone countertops. At KNC Granite, we offer a premier class of affordable stone countertops that marries with all seasons.

Read further to understand more of the eight best stone kitchen countertops available in the market.

#1 The Classic Granite

Natural granite is one of the rockstars when it comes to a kitchen island and vanity tops. It is considered to be the Rolls Royce of stone countertops, because of its unprecedented beauty and durability against blunt force and natural elements.

This igneous rock can sufficiently withstand scratch, dents, and cracks, making it a perfect choice for your kitchen island. Besides that, its natural veining and colors lift the curb appeal and value of your property.

On the other hand, engineered stone countertops like quartz are one of granite’s nemesis in the industry. However, a lot of homeowners and remodelers still go for granite because of its classic and timeless appearance.

#2 Delicate and Elegant Marble

Marble is one of the most expensive yet elegant stone countertops you can have inside your kitchen. Similar to granite, it can effectively resist heat and maintain its coolness despite your hot flaming cooktops and ovens.

With that, marble countertops are the best options for your cold kitchen, where you’ll be making your pastries and chocolates. Meanwhile, if you hate the softness and porous surface of natural marble, then we have manufactured stone countertops that mimics its beauty. With that, we mean cultured marble slabs.

#3 Architectural Beauty of Limestone

This sedimentary mineral has a captivating homey appearance reflected by its beige to tan-brown hues. Limestone is mostly made of calcium minerals, so you need to be extra careful of placing acidic solutions on top.

Meanwhile, you can fairly use it for your indoor and outdoor countertops, for it can resist UV rays and other natural elements outside your home. Besides that, it’s pretty easy to clean and maintain this natural stone.

#4 The Dense Slate Rock

This metamorphic rock is mostly made of shale and clay, that is highly pressurized underneath the earth’s crust. When you want a historical feel with your kitchen countertops, then slate is an exceptional choice.

Meanwhile, its soft glossy finish adds extra protection against stains and moisture. Also, you can seamlessly use this stone for your indoor and outdoor countertops.

#5 Homey Vibe of Soapstone

Here’s another excellent contender for getting that homey ambiance in your countertops, that is, soapstone countertops. Its rich creamy white palette and smooth surface provide that sleek countryside vibe in your kitchen and bathroom. 

To get the best patina looks over time, you need to regularly apply mineral oil over its surface. It helps in the oxidation process which brings out the aged patina appearance of soapstone.

Besides that, it is only a few notches lower than the hardness of granite, yet it can superbly resist heat and moisture. With that, it’s an ideal candidate for your kitchen countertops.

Also, it comes at a more affordable price than granite and marble. To ensure a successful installation, lean on professionals.

#6 Translucent Onyx

The translucent feature of onyx lets you play with its smooth patterns and neutral colors as light hits on its surface. The wave-like patterns of onyx seem to resemble the cloud’s movements which calms your senses.

Moreover, its overall beauty is highly versatile for your modern or rustic kitchen theme. Also, caring and maintaining onyx comes pretty straightforward, as you will only use mild dishwashing soap solution, warm water, and a soft cloth for wiping its surface.

#7 Solid Surface

Solid surface or quartzite is usually made from quartz and sandstone, which greatly contributes to its undeniable strength and resistance to stains. In terms of appearance, it has subtle veining and color patterns, making it an excellent candidate for your modern kitchen renovation.

It can also effectively resist the heat and scratch present in your high-traffic kitchen. However, you need to keep it away from UV ray exposure, as it can be discolored over time. Overall, it makes quartzite a notable kitchen countertop material for your renovation.

#8 Fine Grain Travertine

It is the main mineral making up the stalactites and stalagmites inside the caves. Technically, this limestone has become one of the best materials for your kitchen island. The natural fibrous patterns present in its slab will add a coziness while you are preparing your food and talking with your family.

In terms of color, the winning palettes are white, creamy white, beige, tan-brown, and rustic hues. If you need further assistance in choosing the right color, then don’t hesitate to contact us.

Besides that, travertine is simple to clean and maintain. If ever there are large cracks to fix, you can either do DIY repairs or hire a professional stone technician.

Need A Reliable Stone Countertop Supplier?

At KNC Granite, we offer world-class natural stone countertops that meet your needs, designs, and budget. We have a collection of granite, marble, soapstone, and other natural stone slabs workable for your kitchen islands and vanity tops.

You can also visit our showroom anytime or check on us on Pinterest

Otherwise, book for an onsite inspection and measurement to get a more detailed proposal. It will come at a nominal charge, yet deductible to your overall countertop installation cost.

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