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How to Use Leftover Tile

A remodel is exciting, and when the job is all done, you have an incredible new kitchen or bathroom, and you could not be happier. However, you have all these really great-looking tiles and stone pieces left over, and you don’t know what you should do with them. With a little creativity, you can make good use of those leftover tiles and stone to make a statement piece for your new kitchen or bathroom.

It makes perfect sense, really, because otherwise, your leftover pieces will just rot in your garage or end up in a landfill somewhere. You will also save  some money as well because instead of buying some statement pieces, you will be making them. It is good for you and the environment.

Different types of tile and natural stone can be used in different ways. Ceramic tiles or pieces of natural stone, for instance, could be just the thing to refurbish old furniture. You can use glass tiles to make a frame for photos or a mirror. Your only limit to creating decor is your imagination, really. You can go fun, sophisticated, or eclectic. These tips for upcycling scrap tiles and natural stone can help you exercise your creativity in great ways.

Redo islands and tables

Add some unique finishing touches to a drab table or plain island using leftover tiles and stone. You can do anything on the top to make it more interesting, and it doesn’t even have to interfere with the functions of the island or table. The fact that you are using the stuff from your remodel means you will be able to tie in your new art deco with your new kitchen or bathroom, You can either bust up the tiles to make an interesting mosaic, or you can keep it as one color to create interesting shapes. It really depends on the overall theme of your home. It will make an interesting conversation piece.

You can also do the same for other pieces in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and so on. This will tie in all the items of the home, and it doesn’t even have to be furniture, Try to follow the same pattern for your knives or your coaster, or even your hot pads. In fact, a good way to use scrap natural stone is for hot pads, because granite can withstand a lot of heat. However, don’t go overboard with the decor, as it can be too much of a good thing. Keep it subtle, and you will have a nice thing going.

Save on rental property renovations

Aside from spiffing up your own place, you may want to think about doing something cool for your rental properties, if you have any. You will probably have to do regular maintenance and improvements on your properties, and this could mean a heck of a lot extra tiles or natural stone. They are definitely going to come in handy in for a little home improvement project like a kitchen back splash, where it will not matter too much if you use different kinds of tiles or natural stone. You just need to try to keep your remodel designs somewhat similar so you won’t have too hard a time matching the extra tiles or stones you get. Even if you don’t have enough extras for a big job, you can use it for smaller jobs like a bathroom back splash.

Mix and match colors to give your home, or rentals, a unique look. You would be surprised at how much these little touches can make a difference to the look of the place. It can even help you make more money with your rentals, because most people will be willing to pay more if they see something unique and versatile in a rental.

Make a statement wall

You can use extra tiles and natural stone pieces as accents to walls. It brings the eye from the countertop, floor tile, or back splash to the wall. You can put it in an adjacent wall, or in some other area of the home. Use the extra tiles to create a pattern or mosaic, or as a point of interest in a nook.

Use it outside

Natural stones such as granite does just as well indoors as outdoors, which is why bathroom and kitchen floors are made from granite tiles. If you have natural stone tiles left over from one or more remodels, you can use them as path stones or a walkway for the front lawn or backyard. Natural stone can last for decades as a functional part of the exterior that looks lovely as well. You might even have enough for a patio big enough for a grill and a set of lawn chairs. It might even be a lot of fun putting them together. They are quite easy to install and maintain, and they will not cost you anything.

Donate it

If you are not into the DIY, then you may not want to use the scrap yourself. That doesn’t mean nobody else will. You probably won’t be able to sell your extra materials, but you can certainly donate it. Schools, arts and crafts, and non-government agencies may be able to put them to good use. Put it on Free cycle or Craigslist, or send it to a scrapyard. Someone is probably going to pick it up.


Scrap tiles and natural stone don’t have to head to the storage shed or the landfill. You can put it to good use to save you time and make your home and other properties look better. It is not only about making use of scrap materials, but putting it to good use. If you don’t want it, give it to someone who does, and do the environment a favor.

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