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What Kitchen Countertop Color Should You Choose?

Every home kitchen is indeed a place of serenity and culinary excellence. No matter what you cook, the only thing that will matter is that you did it in your home. That is why people put money in their kitchen especially when they decide to remodel it. And one of the most used thing in your cooking are is the kitchen countertop. This is where you put all the ingredients together and mix them all into one yummy delight as well as put the finished product waiting to be served.

When choosing the type of kitchen countertop is best for your kitchen, one of the most important aspect is color. Color will bring life in your kitchen and will turn it into a modern or classic one. It is a very important issue that haunts first time remodeling clients, which is why first timers should be educated fully and guided carefully. Remember that the eyes also need nourishment from the things that it sees in order to contribute in the making of a culinary masterpiece.

Now basically there are lots of colors to choose from, but if you really want your kitchen to excel and shine among the rest, you need to consider these color styles as your top picks:

  1. Veined White (Soft)

The soft Veined White look is actually one of the most wanted color styles when it comes to kitchen countertops. It is by far the color theme that almost everyone wants because it gives of an elegant white color and some veiny patterns that are only present in stones materials such as quartz. This kind of white color theme actually goes well with other colors rather than the pure all white option. Going all white will actually knock out or make other color elements off and make your kitchen color choked. Going with this color theme will make your spacer look big and wide.

  1. Wood Countertops

Wooden countertops bring natural color and beauty to your kitchen. It gives you the natural color of wood, from dark corky brown to light ashy brown. Also, it puts a rustic feel to your kitchen and makes your kitchen feel more natural. The great thing about wood countertops is that it still gives a positive vibe even if its color dominates the whole theme. If you want a more rustic feel, you can get light colored woods while dark colored woods denotes a more professional look. Wood countertops are best when you want to lighten up the mood and also make your wooden cabinets more visually attractive.

  1. Pure White

Pure white countertops are a classic color type that is usually used if you want to make spaces bigger. It is often not hard to manage and can resist stains for a long time. It goes well with small kitchens and provides a visual illusion of a bigger space. Pure white is also a good choice if you are opting for the modern look in your kitchen.

  1. Dark

If you are into the gothic and black theme for your kitchen, then dark colors are the ones for you. Dark colored countertops go nicely with dark floors and cabinets as well as colorful ones. It is also a good choice if you want to feature a certain part of the kitchen which comes in a white color. It can also make other colors stand out and create a magnificent contrast and definition. Also, going for the classic black and white color setting is on beautiful look that will focus more on what you do and put in your kitchen. Choosing a dark countertop will definitely soften up your whole color wheel.

  1. Grey or Midtone

If you want to go neutral, then midtone and grey countertops are the ones for you. It has the ability to hide occasional spots without sacrificing its neat look. Also, greys are perfect when you want to go with a metallic modern kitchen remodel as well as colorful cabinets because of its very neutral color. It can also soften up black and white schemes that are too black or too white. Overall, grey and midtones are considered to be perfect for almost any theme.

  1. Dramatic

Lastly, dramatic themed countertops are one of the most amazing color themes because of its naturally and vain filled color patterns. It will denote a very artistic vibe on your kitchen countertops and will put the focus on them. The veiny patterns combined with dark colored stones is perfect for satisfying the eyes and your sense and urge for visual drama.

Now that you have an idea of countertop colors, here are some tips on how to choose the right kitchen countertop color for you.

  1. Color Combinations

When you are remodeling your kitchen, always make sure that the colors you want to blend are peaceful to the eyes or rather, creates harmony in every aspect. Randomly choosing colors will make your kitchen look like it lacked planning and organizing. Choose a single or multiple color theme that will either make your kitchen countertops shine or make your countertops blend in perfectly.

  1. Accessorizing the Room

Accessorizing your kitchen’s room is also a vital step because even if the countertop colors are correct, a dull or wrong colored room will never let it shine. That is why if you are the simple type, you can just choose countertops with simple to moderately bright or dark colors but if you are the artistic type, you can use vibrant colors with exquisite patterns that branch out from the stone itself.

  1. Consider Paint

Lastly, when choosing countertop colors, keep your options open for changes in paint when remodeling. Vibrant and strong colors for countertops may be a good choice at first but when the room paint fades, it will be another story. So, always keep your mind open for unforeseen and timely changes that may change how you perceive kitchen countertop harmony.

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