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What To Know Before Bringing Marble Countertops Into Your Homes

When you’re remodeling your kitchen and bathroom, one of the best ways to spruce your space is by upgrading your countertops. Luckily, marble countertops are one of the eye-catching materials you can have for getting a fresh modern look in your kitchen and bath.

However, don’t be too hasty in directly going for these marvelous marble countertops for the kitchen and bath without knowing it well. Fortunately, we are sharing in this read the sweet and bitter side of your affordable and most expensive marble stone

After reading, we hope you will have a sound judgment of whether natural or cultured marble countertops are an essential part of your renovation.

1. Marbles’ Unique Color and Veining Patterns

Just like granite, this natural stone has a sophisticated color and veining patterns, where no two slabs are identical. Typically, white marble countertops are the winning choice for most modern kitchen and bath renovations.

Nevertheless, we have other styles and colors installed for you such as taupe, black, rose pink, deep red, soft gray, and other hues. If you want a modern sleek appeal, then choose white or other light colors for marble countertops.

Meanwhile, choosing for a black or dark-hued tone will give your place a dramatic and homey ambiance. Likewise, it makes an exceptional contrast with white cabinets and stainless steel fixtures and appliances.

Moreover, when you want a creative backsplash or flooring, marble is one of the best contenders in the industry. The bold veining patterns of marble makes a wonderful painting-like accent in your space.

2. A Great Way To Appraise Your Home’s Value

Besides uplifting the beauty inside your home, some of you choose various types of marble countertops to increase your chance of selling your property at an excellent price. So far, your estimated return for installing marble kitchen and bathroom countertops will be 50% to 75% of its overall cost.

In line, the average cost of marble countertops is between $40 to $100 per square foot. If you’d be installing a 50 square foot marble slab countertop, then its approximate cost is $1,000 to $10,000. With an estimated return of 50% to 75%, its approximate add-on value is $750 to $7,500.

Indeed, prospective buyers are more inclined of purchasing your home when they see you have done functional and appealing upgrades with your kitchen island and bathroom vanities. If you need professional assistance with this, you can immediately call our office.

3. Ideal for Your Baking and Pastries

Despite the soft nature of marble, it has great tolerance against heat so it keeps a fairly cool temperature even when your gas range or oven is on. With this trait, it is highly ideal for baking and pastries, where you need a cool and flat countertop to make the perfect dough and sweets.

At KNC, our technicians can efficiently and accurately implement the right design and size needed for upgraded hot and cold kitchen countertops. We can even make a 3D computer model before installing it, to satisfy your needs.

4. Exceptional Homey and Cozy Appeal with its Natural Patina

Whether you have chosen natural or engineered marble countertops, both naturally develops a patina on its surface through time. The calcite compound of marble oxidizes with the air around it, producing a tan-brown or yellowish tone. With that, it gives an earthly warmth and homey ambiance in your kitchen and bathroom.

As it turns light brown, it gives a supplementary feel to your wooden furniture and fixtures; while giving a subtle contrast with your metallic surfaces. Moreover, this organic touch provides a nice contrast with the modern theme and accents inside your home.

5. Flexible Stone Finish and Edge Styles

Besides the natural elegance of marble stone, we can further enhance that by choosing the appropriate finish and edge profile. Luckily, marble is flexible enough to adapt any finish such as polished, honed, leathered, and caressed leather.

So far, the popular choice is polished, while the rarest finish option is caressed leather. Meanwhile, the standard edge styles we give to our customers are the eased and squared edge. Nevertheless, we can do all sorts of edge styles such as bullnose, mitered, squirk, and more.

Our well-trained, licensed, and bonded technicians will carefully analyze and apply the most suitable finish and style for your marble kitchen and vanity tops.

6. Simple to Clean and Maintain

Besides its luxurious beauty and versatile function, marble is very simple to clean. All you need is a soft cloth or microfiber, neutral pH dish soap solution, hot water, and a dry clean towel. No need to buy those pricey DIY stone cleaning kits in hardware stores.

Take note, acidic solutions are the greatest nemesis of marble stones, so you need to avoid storing vinegar and lemon on top. If it’s inevitable, then place your lemon on a glass or ceramic bowl, while your vinegar on top of a plastic or wooden tray.

When dents and scratches are inevitable, you can easily solve that by sanding or buffing, then applying a parallel stain to the affected area. It’s one of the excellent trait of marble which makes it a viable contender of engineered quartz.

Moreover, we always treat your marble slabs before installation, so that it becomes non-porous.

Looking for A Reliable Marble Countertop Contractor? – h2

At KNC Granite, we provide a full range of options and services for your countertop upgrades at the best price guarantee. All of our technicians are duly trained, licensed, and bonded.

All our products and services are guaranteed and backed with a warranty service. If you need our professional assistance for marble countertops installation, then call our office today.

Don’t hesitate to call us now or visit us on Houzz!

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