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What You Should Know about Kitchen Layouts and Countertops

The kitchen layout is the most important decision you will make for your kitchen remodel. Many homeowners frequently have to work with a layout that does not maximize the space, or does not work with the way they use the kitchen. On the other hand, completely changing the layout for the sake of it may not always be the best decision. In most cases, the kitchen countertops are a significant factor in these decisions.
Deciding in either case can be difficult if you have no idea the pros and cons of the basic layouts. Here is what you should know about kitchen layouts and countertops.

L Shape

L-shaped kitchen
The L shape layout is one of the most commonly used one and the default layout for 10 x 10 square foot kitchen packages. In most homes, the kitchen is in one corner of the home, which is a natural L. This involves two walls perpendicular to each other where you put the kitchen features, forming an L shape, and often open-ended. This may not be true for older homes, where kitchens are self-contained.


Ideal for the classic kitchen work triangle
Lots of countertops and storage
Easily accommodates a kitchen island to increase work and storage spaces
Putting in a seating area is possible


• Larger kitchens might place the points of the kitchen triangle at a considerable distance
• Results in corner spaces that might be awkward for storage

One wall

one wall kitchen
The one wall is the simplest basic layout. The kitchen is basically along one wall, so the sink, appliances, cabinets, and kitchen countertops line up. You can find this layout in both small and large kitchens, especially in homes with an open space layout.


Unrestricted workflow and foot traffic
More than one person can work in the kitchen at the same time
Small kitchens look bigger due to the lack of barriers
Design and construction is uncomplicated as all utilities are going through one wall
Ideal for homes with an open space layout


Limited countertops and storage
Not compatible with the classic kitchen work triangle
Putting in a seating area would impinge on the available workspace


galley kitchen
The galley layout, also known as a corridor style, is common in ships. It has become popular in smaller homes where the space for the kitchen is limited. In this layout, kitchen countertops, cabinets, appliances and sink go into one of two facing walls hold all the. The galley layout is either open or closed off in one end with a door to another room or a wall.


Good amount of storage and workspaces
Compatible with the kitchen work triangle
Easy access to everything


Only one person can use it comfortably at any one time because it is often too narrow
Thru traffic may be a problem when someone is working in the kitchen
Wasted space in the end wall in one-ended kitchens
Not enough aisle space for a seating area
Restricted movement with open doors of base cabinets, oven or dishwasher

Double L

double L kitchen
The double L is a good layout for larger homes. In most cases, the double-L layout is for kitchens large enough to include a full kitchen island. In some cases, the one-wall layout replaces the L-shaped layout plus a full kitchen island.


Appreciable amount of cabinets and countertops with the L-shape and full kitchen island combo
Compatible with two or more people working in the kitchen at the same time
Ideal for informal entertaining and family bonding


Takes up a lot of space
Remodeling for this layout might be expensive with the additional lines of utilities needed

U Shape

U-shaped kitchen
The U shape layout is actually a one-ended galley layout with the facing walls placed much further apart, making the end wall considerably wider and resulting in a U shaped room. This makes the end wall more functional, as it can accommodate additional countertops, cabinets, or utility closets.


Compatible with the classic kitchen work triangle
More storage space and countertops than most other layouts, all things being equal


Putting in a kitchen island and maintaining a minimum of 48 inches aisle space might not be possible
Seating areas requires some creative designing


Choosing the right kitchen layout can go a long way towards improving the form and function of the kitchen. This sounds simpler than it is, however. You might want to see it in 3D to appreciate what you might get better before taking the first swing. KNC Granite offers free quotes and 3D design consultation at no obligation, so you have nothing to lose.

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