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7 Ways to Implement White Granite Countertops into Your Kitchen

Decisions, decisions decisions. Homeowners who are in the middle of remodeling kitchens have many different choices to make. They have to worry about their floors, walls, counters, cabinets and appliances. Are you going to knock down a few walls to expand the space or maybe you plan to gut the entire kitchen and start over from scratch. Whatever you ultimately decide to do, make sure you do it with style. The end result should be timely and hopefully lasts many years. The quality of your kitchen renovation will, of course, rely on the materials you select and the contractor you decide to work with.

Your kitchen countertops are the one area you don’t want to ignore in your kitchen remodel. It can literally make or break the look and feel of your cooking space. If you’re looking to entertain visitors and guests inside of an attractive kitchen, then put a lot of focus on the type of counters you’ll install.

Granite is by far the most consistent when it comes to quality and style. It’s the evergreen option of all counters. It’s been in high demand for over a decade and there’s no shift in this trend thus far. There are so many different color options, designs and cuts to select from.

Let’s review some of the popular trends for white granite countertops in 2016

Timeless, Yet Classic

Have you been in a class home that had a counter set that looked absolutely amazing? Classic styles will never die, making them timeless pieces. White granite counters fit the bill perfectly. We’re not talking your off-whites and creams, but stunning snow white colors. This adds a crisp airy tone to your kitchen. Accentuate it with pale floors and white cabinets or contrast it with dark colors, depending on the feel you’re going for.

If white is a bit too plain for you, then you can opt backsplashes that are black, gray or brown mosaic. This can help bring out the darker flecks commonly seen inside of all granite stone.

Modern Country

Going with the white granite slabs, you can transform your cook space into a haven with a country feel. Consider white cabinets, wood-inspired floor tiles and French country wallpaper that’s gray on white. You can do similar colors in an adjoining dining room to accentuate the décor. To keep your country kitchen nice a cozy, go with an off-white granite slab that features specks of coppery brown.

Go Industrial

If you want a more modern feel, then the industrial look is the way to go. To achieve this look, you should go with pale granite. This is very versatile, giving you lots of room to play around with the other colors you choose. Find a white slab tat has specks of gray to accent concrete floors. Metal garage cabinets can also add a daring touch to your industrial-style kitchen. To add some flair, you can implement a high-gloss finish that’s blue or red.

Warm Industrial Feel

The two ideas – warm and industrial – rarely go hand-in-hand, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You can enjoy the clean, crisp feel of an industrial kitchen, while at the same time incorporating elements and designs that give it a nice homey feel. To achieve this look, you’ll want to add warm wooden cabinets instead of metal ones. Wood is always a great option when you’re trying to add warmth to a room. A contemporary style cabinet would be ideal, so that you can avoid a dated feel. Consider one that has sleek horizontal grain and no pulls. This will add to the clean look while still adding warmth.

Trendy and Hip

A great way to create a hip and trendy vibe with your white countertops is to implement Danish-inspired cabinets. These come with a sleek design, similar to a mid-century modern furniture piece. Middle-tone wooden cabinets are recommended. Some people like the black and white design with he salt and pepper granite counters.

Be Bright and Bold

Fashion-minded individuals will want to do something that’s more fashionably daring. White countertops aren’t that common, but that’s not enough to feed their desire to be unique. Rather than going for wood or black and white décor, consider going with bright colors. This is a bold move that warrants consideration. You can pull this look off by adding high-gloss orange, lime or aqua cupboards. The same colors can also be added to your walls for additional accentuation. Accessorizing is great, but don’t overdo it. Try to sneak white back into the space, maybe in the flooring, appliances and stools.

Create a Rustic Retreat

Renovate your kitchen into a retreat with a rustic feel. Rustic décor is quite popular and has been since 2014 and 2015. If you like the summer cabin or mountain chalet feel, then this could be the look for you. Integrate rustic water fixtures and a farmhouse sink. Consider adding light colors to give it a more airy and more spacious feel.

White granite countertops are an inspiration in homes across America. You can delight your own kitchen design with beautiful white granite slabs. If you’re not too much into the white granite countertop look, you can consider any of the following:

Dark and somber

This features a darker design, such as glossy black subway tile for the backsplash and black matte tile for the counters. Stainless steel faucets and appliances would look awesome with this setup.

Sparkly glass

Capture your youthful desire for all things shiny. Neutral granite countertop tones can be used along with a sparkling backsplash. Consider Egyptian glass or glass pebbles.

Had enough inspiration to get your creative juices flowing? Then it’s time to start planning your kitchen remodel. Make sure to consult with a reputable contractor with a great track record. You can find certain companies who sell the product and will install it for you at a fair rate. Shop around online today and get started bringing your concept to a reality!

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