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Why Marble Countertops are a Great Choice for your Home in Crofton, MD

One of the most elegant parts of any home are its marble countertops. The fact is that marble kitchen countertops bring your home to a higher level of beauty that few other materials can do.

Getting your own marble countertops in Crofton, MD is a perfect way to set yourself apart from your neighbors. There are such a variety of marble stones in Crofton, MD, you can find the perfect one to fit your style and compliment each aspect of your home decor.

In this article, we share the opinions of our stone experts on why marble countertops are such an awesome choice for your home. After reading this you will be completely ready and knowledgeable to choose some incredible marble countertops for your home.

Why Choose Marble Countertops In Crofton, MD

Marble is a real stone from the earth that has been used for millennia in building. You can see examples of marble in all kinds of artistic sculpture, ancient monasteries and all kinds of buildings from long ago times. 

It looks amazing as a centerpiece for a kitchen, it is something you can show off to guests and feel proud about. Marble countertops are one of the most elegant materials you can choose for your home and will impress anyone that sees them.

Maybe countertops are also fairly hard so you can feel safe using them as countertops in the kitchen where you can chop vegetables on them or knead bread dough. Marble is a truly amazing rock that looks beautiful in your home.

White Marble Countertops in Crofton, MD

White marble can be in a few different appearances, from solid white, to veiny with natural dark colored streaks and lines. This type of marble has a clean and cool appearance that enhances just about any kitchen that it is put into.

In a white kitchen, white marble makes it feel that much more open and airy. A white marble kitchen countertop in a trendy white kitchen can make you feel like you are cooking in the clouds and it is really an amazing look.

You can also put white marble countertops between dark colored cabinets. The white marble makes a nice barrier between the upper and lower and gives the room a symmetrical feeling.

Black Marble Countertops in Crofton, MD

Another option for marble countertops is black, which can also come with some white veins. Black marble countertops can be a stunning look that you would not necessarily expect in a kitchen or anywhere else, but it always works.

Black countertops work really well as a contrast to white kitchen cabinets. Black is so good for making a stark line between the upper and lower cabinets.

The only mistake you can make with black marble is to go too dark with the rest of the room. Black marble is best used as a contrast to lighter colors.

Each Piece Of Marble Is Unique

If you want something special in your home, marble countertops are one of the best choices. Because marble is created by nature, every piece is unique and nothing will ever be created like it again.

You can get so many amazing designs from marble from the natural veining. It is entertaining just to stare at marble veins for hours, and each time you look at your piece of marble you will notice a new design that you had never seen before.

Including unique elements in your home design shows that you put thought into your home and don’t just copy what other people are doing. Marble is an amazing rock that you can take joy in having as part of your home.

A Heat Resistant Material

Unlike some other countertop materials, marble can withstand tremendous amounts of heat without any damage. This is great because in the kitchen you can set hot pots or pans on your marble countertops and not worry that the appearance will change.

The heat resistance of marble also means that on hot days your countertops will stay cool to the touch. You can place a cold drink on your countertop on a scorching day and not worry about the drink getting too hot to be enjoyable.

The less you have to worry about your countertops, the better because then you can just enjoy them. Having a heat resistant countertop can make your life a whole lot easier when you are trying to find a spot for a hot pan.

Many Colors To Choose From

There are even more colors of natural marble than just white and black. Whatever color you have in mind, there is probably marble to match it and you can make any kitchen or bathroom look amazing with the right color of marble.

If you have ever been to a place like the Vatican in Rome you may have noticed all the colors of marble they have used in the cathedral there. Green, red, blue, yellow, and there are even more variations than that!

Marble is a truly amazing material that is one of the best choices for any design you have in mind. You can shop around for the right marble color and pattern that fits your taste and aesthetic.

Can Be Finished In Multiple Ways

You may not be aware that there are several different finishes you can have applied to marble to make them look the way you want. Different finishes give a different atmosphere to your kitchen, and choosing the right one is important.

Leathered marble is a popular finish right now that adds a certain intrigue to your kitchen. A leathered finish has a texture that feels rich and earthy, while you still get all the beauty of the natural stone.

More traditional finishes like glossy help seal your marble countertops from acidic food and moisture. If you like the look of unfinished marble, you can choose that as well and you will get a countertop that is considered a living surface that will change over time.

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