Why Quartz Has Become Such A Popular Countertop Stone

Why Quartz Has Become Such A Popular Countertop Stone

Buying a kitchen countertop is arguably one of the best decisions you can make in your life for your house but it’s not an easy undertaking. There are so many things to consider when picking a natural stone countertop and it’s a must that you pick one properly because it’s not an easy purchase on your end. Natural stone countertops are very expensive after all.

Throughout the years, the popularity of natural stone countertops has come and go. In the previous century, it was granite that was most popular and it also helped countertops in general, become more popular throughout the world. Although still a great countertop, granite’s popularity has waned over the last couple of years.

Another popular countertop currently is marble but it’s also one of the most expensive countertops money can buy. It’s not as accessible as other natural stone countertops because of the steep pricing. As they say, only the rich and luxurious actually get marble stone countertops for their home but even those who are on a budget find ways to afford marble countertops.

That being said, one of the most popular stone countertops currently is quartz. It’s not just the most popular stone countertop, it’s also one of the most unique considering how it’s made. Because of many factors, more and more homeowners are considering getting quartz for their kitchens.

If you are curious about this wonderful natural stone countertop then you’ve come to the right place. We are going to talk about quartz countertops and what makes them so special in today’s countertop industry. By the end of this piece, you’ll be more than excited to choose this as your next countertop.

What Is Quartz?

Quartz countertops are basically a new dawn of countertops. Previously, there were only synthetic or man-made countertops and then there were natural stone countertops. What makes quartz different is that it’s what is classified as an engineered stone countertop which is essentially a mix between the two types of countertops.

To make quartz, fabricators first have to source and find the stone used for the countertop which in this case, is quartzite. Unlike pure natural stone countertops, quartzite isn’t going to be used directly as the countertop. Marble and granite are cut from quarries, manufactured a cut into shape, before it’s considered fit for countertop use.

What makes quartz different is that this time, the quartzite is going to be crushed into smaller pieces. Those stones are then mixed with binding resin. In total, quartz countertops make up only 90% of the countertop and the rest is attributed to the binding resin. It may seem like an odd process but the results are staggering.

The practice of making quartz countertops has been around since the early 70s and the process used in making them remains relatively the same all throughout these years. This is a testament to the quality of quartz countertops and it’s time that you take notice of why it’s such a special countertop material.

Of course, these are just some of the things that you might want to know about quartz countertops first. Next up, we’re going to dive deep into the juicy details about quartz. Yes, we are talking about why it’s such a popular countertop material and what its benefits are for you and your soon to be expanded kitchen.

Price And Abundance

One of the best things about quartz countertops is that it’s as close as you can get to owning a natural countertop without having to worry about the price. Since this isn’t technically a pure stone countertop, it’s not as expensive as the likes of marble or granite but you aren’t getting short handed with the quality though.

In general, quartz countertops are not as expensive as marble and granite. If you are on a budget, quartz is often the better choice because it’s a lot cheaper than those fancy countertop materials. You can make your home look fancy without having to spend money like a fancy person and that’s a big plus for many.

Another good reason why it’s so popular is that quartz countertops are very easy to find. You can find yourself struggling to find marble and granite but the same can’t be said for quartz. It can be found in most fabricators and this means you can get this countertop easily if you want to and the wait won’t be long as well.

Color Variety

Natural stone countertops like marble, granite, and the others all come in various colors and veining. However, if you’re looking for the countertop option that comes with the most number of color options available, then you should definitely pick quartz. It all has to do with how it’s made.

Since quartz countertops are made with binding resin, they can come in a wide selection of countertop colors too. This means that whatever your kitchen needs, there’s a good chance that quartz countertops can provide the design option that you need for your home. Not many countertops offer this versatility because of the limited color options.


One of the main concerns that people think about when they think of natural stone countertops is that they can be prone to issues such as chipping, cracking, and scratching. While these are still possible with quartz countertops, the chances of these happening are greatly reduced because of how the countertop is made.

In terms of durability, quartz countertops are far more durable than granite and marble. However, you still want to be careful around using quartz countertops. Simple put, quartz countertops are something that you shouldn’t be too reckless with. This means avoiding doing heavy duty prep work on the countertop. Those things are best left for butcher’s blocks,

What makes quartz countertops so durable? It’s all because of the binding resin of course. These add important qualities such as heat and scratch resistance to your countertop. Most importantly though, stains are a lot less common when it comes to quartz countertops as well so this is another big plus.


Another problem people have with natural stone countertops is that they are very hard to clean and maintain. Well, this shouldn’t be surprising though. You need to be picky when it comes to the material you use to wipe the countertop. It’s also a must that you carefully pick the cleaning agent you use for the countertop as well.

Since there’s binding resin that comes with quartz countertops, they are a lot easier. For one, stains are not that common because quartz countertops are non-porous. THis means that there are any small holes or pores where the liquids can seep into once a spill occurs. For many, this is one of the downsides of getting natural stone countertops.

As for the cleaning agent, it’s best that you clean your quartz countertop with an equal mixture of dish soap and water. This is the perfect way to clean and disinfect the surface and it’s something that you should definitely use to clean most of your surfaces with. Alternatively, you can also buy multi-surface cleaners which are compatible with stone countertops.


Believe it or not, quartz is more eco-friendly as compared to other countertop materials made out of natural stone. Remember,quartz countertops are not made of pure stone and they are mixed with binding resin. This means that fabricators use a lot less stone as compared to when they use entire slabs of marble or granite.

For many, the eco-friendliness of quartz countertops matters. The world is reeling from the damage we do to it. It’s only a must that we take the necessary steps to ensure that we aren’t causing any more damage. While other countertops are not sustainable, quartz countertops are far more sustainable and are far better for kitchens as well.

These are just some of the benefits of quartz that make it such an attractive countertop material. Homeowners aren’t just using these in their kitchens, they are also using these for the bathrooms, living rooms, and other parts of the house. It’s a testament to how versatile this countertop is. Why bother picking other natural stones?

Quartz is a wonderful addition to your home and it’s definitely something that you should not miss out on. Not only is it a great investment, it’s also one that’s going to last with you for a really long time. Take time in considering your countertop options as these are major purchases that can really change your home for the better.

Getting quartz for your home is obviously a good idea for many reasons so always take time in researching more about the countertops you buy. Who knows, you might even be able to explore other countertops that are going to help you pick the best one for your needs and your current budget.

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