11 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Designs in Washington DC

11 Beautiful Kitchen Countertop Ideas and Designs in Washington DC

Shopping for kitchen countertops in Washington DC can be a really fun experience because you can feel excited to have some amazing countertops in your kitchen. There are many kitchen countertop ideas in Washington DC, so it can also be overwhelming to make the correct choice that you will be happy with for the long term.

It is good to do some research on the best kitchen countertop ideas in Washington DC to ensure you make the right purchase. One thing that might be helpful to learn is how to design kitchen countertops in Washington DC

In this article we will cover eleven beautiful kitchen countertop designs in Washington DC so that you can find some inspiration for your home. After reading this article you will have a better idea about kitchen countertops that will make your choice easier.

Thick Stone Kitchen Countertops

Using a thicker slab of stone for countertops makes your kitchen seem more solid and sturdy. You won’t be worried about breaking a two inch thick piece of granite, so you will feel comfortable breaking nuts or even sitting on the countertop to have a chat. Using a nice big piece of stone will make your kitchen feel more impressive.

Choose An Edge Design 

There are many choices when it comes to making the edge of your stone kitchen countertops. You can go with just rounded corners and edges if you want a simple minimalist look.

There are some more interesting edge designs as well. You can look into double bullnose, ogee straight edge, cove dupont edge, or many others. Talk with your countertop dealer and they can show you all the edges you can choose from.

Matching Backsplash

It is possible to buy enough countertop material to use as your backsplash as well. This can make a seamless look in your kitchen that can be very elegant. Coordinating with the color palette of the rest of your kitchen will be a key to pulling this one off.

Waterfall Countertops

This type of countertop uses the countertop material for the side of the countertop, so that the countertop seems to cascade off of the flat surface and go down to the floor.

This is a really great look for a kitchen island, and makes the island sort of seem like a table, with the countertops sides being the legs.

Quartz Countertops

Many people wonder what exactly quartz countertops are. They are a manufactured stone made from crushed rock and resin. They are lower maintenance than real stone, and look almost the same. This could be a great choice for your kitchen countertops but be sure to hire a professional remodeling company in Washington DC when planning to update your kitchen countertops.

People love quartz because the resin used to bind the crushed rock is anti-bacterial, so you can be sure that your countertops will stay germ free and keep you safe. They are so low maintenance, basically all you ever have to do to quartz countertops is wipe them down with some soap and water. 

Granite Countertops

Granite is a real stone that is found in many locations around the world. It is known for its large grains and its incredible hardness, scoring seven out of ten on Moh’s hardness scale. Granite comes naturally in many colors and you are sure to find one to meet your design goals. 

Granite has been used as a building material for as long as people have been building. Having this material for your kitchen countertops will help you feel grounded and somewhat like you are a part of the human building tradition.

Wrapped Countertops 

This kitchen countertop design uses on material to go all of the way around the kitchen with a seamless appearance. It will take a good countertop team to pull this one off, but looks really great when done the right way.

This looks really awesome with stone countertops like granite or marble. You can also coordinate in a kitchen island for even more counter space and beauty.

Multi- Colored Countertops

You don’t have to choose just one color for your entire kitchen countertop design. Using more than one color can be an interesting look but also can help when having a team cook in your kitchen if you want all of the vegetables prepped on one countertop, while the meat is prepped on another.

You could go with one black countertop and one white one, for a sort of yin- yang effect. These contrasting colors can look amazing together and will certainly get people talking. 

Veined Marble Countertops

Choosing a marble for your countertops with a beautiful, natural veining pattern is a great look that will up the elegance of your kitchen. Look closely at the marble you would like to choose to see how you can use the veining to make your kitchen look that much cooler. 

Marble veins are always interesting to look at and you will have a lot of entertainment just seeing what kind of shapes appear to your imagination. We especially like white marble with darker veins, for an intriguing look.

Curved Kitchen Countertop Design

Many people just think of countertops being straight rectangle shapes, so adding some curves and organic shapes will make people curious to learn more about your kitchen design ideas. A curved kitchen countertop can be used to add a little more dining space to a kitchen island.

You could even have a circular kitchen island that will make a great centerpiece to your kitchen. Adding some interesting shapes can really liven up your kitchen and make it a wonderful place to cook or relax with the people you care about most.

Contrast Your Cabinets

There are some amazing color combinations you can use to make your kitchen countertops and kitchen cabinets look incredible together. One interesting idea is to go with white cabinets, then use wooden countertops to bring in some warmth and coziness. This can go in the opposite way too, with wooden cabinets and a white marble or quartz countertop.

Sometimes a totally white kitchen might be too much. That is why choosing a different color for the countertops can help to balance the space and make you feel more comfortable while cooking.

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