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Best Bathroom Vanity Countertop Options

We all know that bathrooms have the capacity to reduce stress and make us feel that no matter how dirty and dull we get, we will always get clean no matter what. And for some, bathrooms are really their source of escape from a hard day’s work and the stress of life. For me, I am completely convinced that it is where I reflect on how to improve myself for the next tasks at hand and prepare myself for a nice long rest which will help me cope up with the battles for tomorrow.

Of course, after a nice hot or cold shower, you will be going to your vanity mirror. This is perhaps one of the most important objects in the bathroom as well as the sink that you will be using. Now this will be a definite game-changer since bathroom vanities have existed since the 18th century and have brought about satisfaction to millions of people worldwide. And one important factor is the countertop because this is where you put cosmetics and other bathroom necessities while fixing yourself. But the thing is are you using the right material for your bathroom countertop, or if ever you wish to switch, do you know the options that are considered suitable replacements?

That is why before purchasing or switching to another countertop material, one must really know the basics and details. It is not cheap to make mistakes and thinking of the effort and time that will be wasted with the wrong decision, it will really take a toll on your morale.

Now when you go out to the store, make sure to ask for these bathroom countertop materials first:

  • Granite

Granite is a very hard, natural stone that often appears in a dark to medium light color. It is found in the earth and is often used for bathrooms. It is very durable, as in very strong, and lasts more than a lifetime. It is heat resistant and is not affected by moisture that is why it is perfect for the bathroom setting. The only thing is that granite has to be sealed in full in order to avoid liquids from getting into tiny spaces that may compromise its durability. Aesthetically, it is one of the best countertop materials in the market and has natural patterns. High end granites can cost up to $50 to $100 per square foot, depending on the quality, size and design.

  • Tiles

Classic bathroom tiles are also a good option for bathroom countertops. It is actually a go to material for people on a budget in bathroom countertop renovations. A square foot of ceramic tile will cost around the $10 mark but can go up as much as $50 depending on the pattern and class. Its durability is in the medium level (thank goodness) but needs maintenance especially in the grout where substances and residues will definitely get caught. Also, mildew may grow after some time because of the moisture and must be cleaned immediately. It’s not a bad choice if you are a thrifty one.

  • Marble

Marble bathroom countertops are definitely the definition of a luxurious bathroom. These bad boys can cost you up to $125 – $150 per square foot but will definitely redefine your bathroom vanity. It has two varieties, Carrera and Calacatta, which also varies in prices. The color for marble is limited, ranging from white to grayish but will bring about elegance and beauty throughout your bathroom. Its natural branching patterns also gives it a very articulate characteristic and is unique for every slab. I recommend that if you want to make your bathroom vanity countertop high class and increase your home’s resale value, then choose marble.

  • Laminated Countertop

Now this is another definite winning material for thrifty and on budget bathroom remodeling projects. Laminated countertops can range from $25 – $50 per square foot and can come in different designs and colors. Aesthetically, it is not bad, actually, it is beautiful and with the choice of patterns and colors, you will surely be satisfied with what it is worth. It is also stain and waterproof but the downside is that it is prone to denting and scratching and not as durable as its stone counterparts. But then again, it is the best choice for people who are in the $1500 and below budget mark when it comes to renovating their bathroom vanity countertops. I myself used this when I needed to make a quick renovation on my apartment before switching to stone countertops and it did quite well for me.

  • Engineered 

Lastly, Engineered material is a nice alternative to natural stone. It is comparable in price as well as durability to granite and marble but lacks the natural aesthetic beauty. But the thing is, engineered countertops are actually consistent in design and pattern unlike natural stones that vary greatly and unique. So this is best for people who want a one design countertop that emanates consistency and beauty. It is actually made up of recycled materials like glass, stone and resin and is heated up and compressed to achieve maximum desired durability.


Now that you know the types of Bathroom countertops, before making the switch to these materials, here are some pointers that you should follow and never forget.

  • Know your Budget

Make sure that you have a complete idea of how much you are willing to spend so that you will not be short or overspend in material.

  • Go window shopping first

Window shopping will allow you to choose the type of material that fits your budget or preference. It is also a chance to see materials in full detail.

  • Expert Advice

Lastly, ask the experts about these materials. They will give you a full detail on their characteristics and benefits as well as downsides. It is good to go DIY but still it is better if you would hire professional help to meet your bathroom countertop needs.

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