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Modern Vanity Tops for Your Bathroom Remodel

There is no doubt how bathroom countertops can become a one-stop place for every shower essential. From traditional countertops that sometimes connect cabinets and tiled walls, bathroom vanities with tops are in-demand nowadays. This is the solution for achieving more beauty and elegance in the shower area while getting the best place to store bathroom items.

If you have bathroom renovation projects, it is vital to know the type of bathroom countertops that works for you. The following are some considerations you can check out in getting an excellent vanity top for your precious area. 

Bathroom Vanity Top Guide

Fortunately, choosing a bathroom vanity top isn’t difficult. However, it still takes time and patience to get what’s perfect for your bathroom. 

The material type will dictate the best-made bathroom vanities you want to achieve. Furthermore, this will determine if you prefer to have the usual or custom bathroom countertop.

It would be best if you also thought about how it will look alongside the bathroom, among other design and layout features.

Material Options

Choosing a suitable material must never rely only on looks and trends. More than that, check out its durability, cost, and long-term value. 

Here are some of the materials that are frequently chosen and used. Before selecting, be sure to get some samples first for a more precise idea and detail of the material. 


Granite is the most popular countertop material for a variety of reasons.

  • Its natural appearance produces a timeless beauty.
  • It is known to have specific colors and patterns, creating a unique feature.
  • It is durable and resistant to scratching issues.
  • It can withstand too much heat and humidity.
  • It adds more resale value to the home in case of selling the property.


Quartz is a natural metal that this world is abundant with, yet this material is considered an artificial one. It only has 95 percent quartz and 5 percent manufacturer’s recycled materials.

However, this material has the following distinct features:

  • It has a distinct natural strength that makes it waterproof and doesn’t need resealing.
  • It has a neat and modern appearance.


Besides its stylish appearance, marble is known to bring wealth and luxury, especially when placed in the bathroom. Compared to granite and quartz, it is the most preferred material for bathroom renovations like in countertops. With this, however, marbles are prone to stains and scratches, and it requires regular sealing to prevent it.

Solid Surface

This type of bathroom countertop is made from synthetic materials and acrylic resin, crushed stones, and quartz. With its wide array of styles and designs, there is a perfect fit for any bathroom parts and models. These materials are also resistant to water, stains, and even bacteria. However, they do not withstand scratches and damages from heat. 

If this will be your chosen countertop material, professional installation is required.


As one of the newest materials for bathroom countertops, concrete stands out for creating a contemporary look. For a more unique yet stylish look, concrete materials are going through a so-called fabrication process.  This makes it suitable for customization to achieve the best bathroom vanities you always want. 

Besides bringing a new perspective to the shower area, another best feature in concrete is being lightweight. Yet, it’s strength is accountable to have the best made bathroom vanities. 

If you consider this, experienced bathroom renovators are required to install it, and not for DIYers. Regular maintenance, especially waxing and sealing, should be done because of being porous. 


Nowadays, the traditional tiles used in white bathroom countertops emerged and are now available into various options like glass and porcelain types. Moreover, there are more choices in colors, designs, shapes, and sizes. 

From these various tile options, ceramic tiles are the most famous. Besides being the best options even for other shower room parts, they are the best in resisting heat, scratch, stain, and even moisture. Be careful, however, on the mildew that grows between its grout. Fortunately, this can be prevented by proper sealing.


If you prefer classic bathroom options, laminate is the suitable material you can check out. Despite being popular since the 1960s, the modern laminate materials produce a contemporary finish. With its various choices of styles and colors, deciding to have customized countertops can be possible. 

Another thing that is amazing in laminate is that it can be installed by DIYers and doesn’t need professionals to do it. However, proper maintenance must be done because it gets dull over time. Also, when it gets destroyed, repairs will never be possible.

Recycled Glass

Another trendy material that can stand out even vanities without tops is the recycled glass. This is also a great option if you want your bathroom to become a refreshing and exciting place in your home. It’s because it’s made from glasses that are pressed together into an excellent shape with cement or resin.

For popular bathroom styles, larger shards of recycled glass is a great choice. It will surely create a more substantial perspective, especially to the countertops. Another distinct characteristic is its ability to withstand heat and scratches. Unfortunately, because it is glass, it is susceptible to cracks, chipping, and stains.

Butcher Block

This may sound an unfamiliar material for most homeowners, but it still guarantees to be the best countertop option because it’s visually appealing. Its charm and natural beauty look best regardless of your bathroom style. Some of the most common wood used in this material are maple, cherry, oak, and walnut, or any combination of these. 

Despite its natural charm, since it’s made from wood, butcher blocks can get scratches and stains quickly. Moreover, exposure to moisture can also be another issue. To prevent this, butcher blocks have to be appropriately sealed. Also, sanding and refining should be done as part of its regular maintenance.

Stainless Steel

The sleek and commercial features of stainless steel make it another excellent choice for your shower countertops. It also creates a cleaner and fresher look to the overall bathroom design. It is also notable for its durability. Stainless steel can last for 15 to 25 years, saving you from expenses for renovation and fixtures. 

If you think about the downside, scratches and dents are some of what to expect to encounter on this material. It is also expensive compared to other bathroom options.

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