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Best Types Of Kitchen Countertops in Alexandria VA To Look Out For In 2022

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If you are thinking of changing up the look and feel of your home, one of the biggest moves you can make is to get new kitchen countertops installed. The best kitchen countertops in Alexandria, VA transform your space into a fresh and wonderful area to cook and hang out in.

You might be feeling a little bit overwhelmed with all the types of kitchen countertops and kitchen countertops ideas out there. It’s ok to take your time and find the best kitchen countertops to fit your personality so that you can enjoy them for decades.

To help you make this big decision, our team of experts on countertops in Alexandria, VA have created this post. Here, you can learn more than just what colors of granite kitchen countertops are available, you will get to understand how to make a decision that will satisfy your soul and make your kitchen come to life.

The Best Kitchen Countertops For You

The way you choose your kitchen countertops will depend on several factors specific to you, your home and your lifestyle. Here are some things to think about when choosing a kitchen countertops:

  • The color scheme of your kitchen. You must choose countertops that compliment, contrast or accentuate the rest of your kitchen and avoid clashing at all costs.
  • Your financial situation. You must choose a countertop material that fits your budget. If you pick a material that is too expensive, you won’t be able to enjoy it because you could be financially stressed.
  • The shape of your kitchen. You have to choose material that can be formed into the space you have. Some materials might be too difficult to make the shape you need.
  • Your cooking style. A professional level chef might have different requirements than someone who prefers microwaving dinner. You also might need to think about if you have children who will need to be careful around more delicate countertops.

These are just some situations that you have to consider before making your final decision on a kitchen countertop. You can write out your thoughts on these questions and keep them with you for when you consult with a countertop designer, installer or dealer.

You will ultimately be the one using your countertops, so they have to fit your needs like a glove. So many people make the mistake of choosing the most popular countertops on the block, and then find that they just don’t fit them personally for multiple reasons.

Quartz Countertops For The Beauty Of Stone, Without The Unpredictability

You may have been hearing a lot about quartz countertops because they are one of the most popular types for 2022. They are made from crushed rock and a super hard, antimicrobial resin that comes out in sheets that mimic natural stone slabs.

Because quartz is an engineered product, it is predictable and will stay the same over its entire lifetime. You won’t have to worry about cleaning products damaging quartz or the appearance making an unexpected change because of the weather.

Quartz is known as one of the easiest countertops to take care of, and the only maintenance you will need to do is wipe it clean with some soap. There will be no need for polishing or resealing and germs have a difficult time growing on quartz.

Granite Kitchen Countertops Are A Classic, Natural Look

Think of just about any ancient building or even Mt Rushmore, and you have an idea of how important granite is to civilization. It is just about the hardest countertop material available, coming in with a Moh’s score of seven to eight, compared to marble’s four to five.

Granite kitchen countertops come in many different colors and patterns to fit your design goals. You can get solid colors, swirly veins, or intricate graining to suit your personality and give you a feeling of the natural geologic forces.

People love the grounding and earthy feeling that granite gives to their kitchens. It is also a bit easier to care for than marble because you won’t have to worry about etching from acidic foods like tomatoes and you won’t be able to break granite no matter what.

For your free estimate, or to know more about the cost of granite countertop in Alexandria VA, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Marble Kitchen Countertops For A Classical Elegance

No other countertop material quite has the pedigree and mystique that comes from true marble. This type of natural stone has been part of high end architecture for thousands of years, and putting it in your kitchen gives your space a historical feeling.

There are numerous colors and patterns to choose from when you want to have marble as part of your kitchen design. Brilliant white marble is one of the most popular colors, but you can also find green, red, black and blue marble if you need it.

Marble is a bit more delicate than some types of countertops. One thing you have to watch out for is to not spill acidic foods or cleaners on marble, because that will etch the surface. Etching isn’t damaging to the marble, but it looks different and you might need to resurface the marble to get it looking right again.

Wooden Kitchen Countertops Are Having A Moment

There are a lot of kitchen designers who are choosing to use wooden countertops in their renovations this year. They look great, they are often affordable, and they are relatively easy to install in any shape of kitchen.

You can choose from any type of wood to fit your fancy. Many people are choosing butcher block countertops which do a wonderful job of showing off the grain of multiple pieces of wood. They are very hard and make a suitable kitchen countertop.

There is also the option of having a beautiful live edge slab as your kitchen countertop. This is a way to connect your countertops with the natural world and show off what type of creations are out there.You might need to refinish wooden countertops every few years to keep them looking their best.

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