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Quartz VS Granite For A Bathroom Vanity Countertop: Which Is better In 2021?

You are in the right spot if you are having a difficult time choosing between granite or quartz for your bathroom countertops. Technically, you have several elements to consider when embarking on your modern bathroom renovation on a budget, and it’s just one of them.

With our years of experience in the industry, we are one of the authorities when it comes to your countertop upgrades. Likewise, we already helped many homeowners in this effort, and we are proud of saying, that all of them were happy with our service. 

Without further delay, let’s jump into our quest of understanding the pros and cons of each countertop material.

Things You Might Want to Consider Before Installing Your Bathroom Countertops

Here’s a concise list of the many factors you need to consider before getting bathroom countertops or hiring a professional to install your lovely granite or quartz bathroom vanities with tops

  1. How many sinks and faucets do you want?

If you have a medium to large family size, then opting for a dual sink and faucet is highly efficient and practical. However, if you are still single, then it’s practical to just go with a single type so that you have lesser things to maintain and clean.

  1. What kind of faucet are you installing?

Technically, you have four main types of faucets to consider namely, compression washer faucet, cartridge, disc, and a ball faucet. Selecting which one practically depends on your budget, plumbing, and preference.

  1. Do you like under-mount or surface-mounted sinks?

Top-mount sinks require zero intricate skills since you just have to place them on top of your quartz or granite countertops. Then there must be a drain hole to connect with the drainpipe underneath your countertop.

In contrast, an undermount sink requires extensive skills since your sink’s lip will be placed underneath your stone countertop. With that, you can seamlessly swipe down those liquids and food particles into your sink basin.

  1. Will you be hiring a professional for this one or not?

Sink and faucet installation requires technical plumbing skills, alongside your vanity top installation. If you have the skills and time to do it, without doing costly errors, then you can go for DIY.

However, most homeowners would hire a professional to save time and energy. Likewise, there will be very minimal to zero errors in implementing your upgrades.

A Debate on Beauty and Style

Both materials are wonderfully gorgeous to take that center stage inside your newly finished bathroom, with slight differences between the two. Let’s go first with granite. 

Looking at its patterns and color combinations, you will feel the genuine organic aesthetics of granite. It pairs well with your modern and wooden fixtures and accessories to achieve a spa-like ambiance in your master bathroom.

It has finer veining patterns than marble with undertones of gold, black, gray, white, and red. So far, it is one of the in-demand materials for your best bathroom vanities in the market. Also, because it is dense, you will need a professional to install it for you.

On the other hand, engineered quartz can flawlessly take on the appearance of any natural stone, including granite. If you aim for a sleek and more consistent style and hue, then quartz vanities without tops are your best choice.

If you have a small bathroom or powder room, then we recommend that you choose white quartz or granite slabs for your prefab or custom bathroom countertop. Moreover, white base or wall-mount vanity cabinets suits well with your light-toned countertops for a crisp and modern theme.

How About Functionality?

Your best-made bathroom vanities are never routinely exposed to the harsh beating of a kitchen island. With that, you can be forgiving with the durability side of your vanity tops.

However, your stone bathroom vanities with tops must be resilient enough against your soaps, shampoos, conditioner, and other cosmetic or hygiene products. On top of that, it must have excellent water and stain resistance, considering your powder room or master en bath is constantly exposed to moisture and water.

Now, engineered quartz is innately non-porous due to its mixed polymer resin binders. It requires zero sealing maintenance to keep its resistance against splashes and stains. Meanwhile, granite has a porous surface, so it is susceptible to stains.

However, it’s not a problem because we can treat your granite slabs before installation. With that, your classic granite stone can effectively wick off water and stains. You just need to keep it periodically sealed within a year to maintain its waterproofing properties.

Does It Add Value To Your Property?

These two stones are competing in the remodeling industry, and both sufficiently lift the economic value and curb appeal of your residential and commercial property. If you are planning on selling your house next year, then it’s a wise decision because you are adding more functionality and aesthetics, which is a plus factor for your prospective client.

Whether natural granite or cultured quartz, it can add value to your house, especially if it pairs well with the other items inside your property. There are different types of bathroom countertops in the industry, and a professional contractor can help you make the right decision.

Technically, the approximate additional value this effort can bring to your property is around 40% to 70% of your total installation cost. It’s a good number already, plus, clients are more enticed to purchase your property when they see functional improvements.

Care and Maintenance

Both quartz and granite slabs require low cleaning and care, which is great for most homeowners. However, you will need to periodically seal your granite countertops to keep their waterproof abilities. Other than that, you will do the same thing for cleaning your white bathroom countertops.

Here are some stone care tips you can follow for your cleaning and caring for your granite and quartz vanity tops:

  • Use warm water and a diluted dishwashing solution for cleaning your countertops.
  • Never use abrasive scrubbers for wiping its surface, instead use a soft towel or microfiber.
  • Never expose your quartz to direct sunlight and hot items, because it can cause discoloration.


Both of these stones are in-demand for their beauty and functionality in the remodeling industry. Regardless of which stone you like for your vanity tops; you will need a professional for installation because of the dense property of granite and quartz.

Moreover, a professional remodeling contractor can give you customized advice on how you can spruce your bathroom upgrades at the right price.

For your free estimates and appointments, call us now or visit us on Yelp anytime!


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