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What Are The Best Materials For Bathroom Vanity Countertops

Most people aren’t aware of it but yes, countertops aren’t just for kitchens, they are for bathrooms too. Don’t be mistaken though. You shouldn’t look for bathroom countertops as you would for kitchen countertops. There are key differences between the two. The most important thing you should know is that some materials are best for bathroom vanity tops.

The first question on your mind could be, what are bathroom vanity tops for? For starters, they are used as the counter where you place all of your bathroom goods. This includes items for your skincare routine, and even soaps and shampoos. Instead of having them placed around anywhere, they are best placed on top of an excellent countertop.

That’s not all. One of the most important parts of owning a vanity top is that they are used to make your bathroom much prettier. These vanity tops are amazing. The name vanity doesn’t just come from the fact that they are used to hold vanity items. They also make your bathroom look a lot prettier as compared to what a regular table will do for you.

It’s also worth noting that bathroom countertops significantly ups the value of your home. Whether you’re looking to resell or you just want to give your home more value, it’s a must that you get a countertop. It’s a great investment that can really help you when the time comes that you want to finally sell your home. 

The countertop materials used for bathroom countertops are one and the same. That being said, it’s worth noting that some bathroom countertop materials are better as compared to others. This time, we are going to list down the best bathroom countertop materials that you need to consider when buying.


Granite is currently one of the most popular countertop materials out there. They aren’t just a popular choice for kitchens, they are also popular for bathrooms too. Before we go about why it is the perfect choice for bathroom countertops, let’s first talk about and know what granite is. Why is every homeowner enamored with this?

Granite is a natural stone much like marble. It comes in various colors and much like every other natural stone, each slab of granite is different. This helps give your home a unique flair much like any other. Granite is the most popular choice currently as despite being a natural stone, it is relatively cheap as compared to marble and others like its kind.

This natural stone is also highly durable. It is scratch-resistant which is one of the reasons why it’s perfect for the bathroom and the kitchen. To cap it all off, granite countertops are very low maintenance. You don’t have to go through various extents to ensure that the material doesn’t wear out over time as all you really need to do is wipe it down.

Another reason why granite is such a great material is that it is very cheap. By comparison, marble can cost you somewhere between $100 to $250 per square foot. On the other hand, graphite may only cost around $40 to $100 per square foot. This makes it a great choice if you are on a budget. It’s even cheaper considering that bathroom countertops are usually small so you don’t have to spend too much.


Slowly catching up to granite as the most popular countertop option is quartz. One of the reasons why is that quartz is even cheaper than granite. One thing worth noting is that quartz countertops aren’t exactly made from pure quartz. Instead, they are made from pieces of quartz which are crushed and mixed with other components and resins to make it a viable countertop material.

For this reason, it’s very easy to make quartz come in all shapes and sizes. This makes them the best material to use for custom vanity countertops. Throughout the past years, the price of granite countertops has continued to decrease significantly. This is because the demand for quartz is slowly taking over the market.

Quartz countertops are about 95% of the stone only. They are man-made using resins and pigment which lets manufacturers create very beautiful quartz countertops. The price of quartz is around $60 to $100 per square foot which is around the price of high-end granite. However, you can’t really go wrong with the versatility of quartz countertops.

The one downside to quartz as vanity countertops is that the honed or textured surface of the material is prone to staining. You’ll often find it stained with fingerprints which is not really a big issue considering that all you really need to do is wipe down the countertop. You can do this at least once a day to keep the material sparkling

Quartz is also a non-porous countertop if it’s manufactured properly.. Porous countertops are an excellent choice if you expect the surface to get wet mostly. What porous means is basically the countertop is waterproof and there are no slits on the surface. No water is going to go through it. This makes it impossible for bacteria and molds to grow over time.


Due to its name, a lot of people tend to confuse quartz with quartzite. However, let it be known that these are two completely different kinds of countertop material. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that begins as sandstone. Eventually, the sandstone turns into quartzite through pressure, heat, and time. What results are individuals quartz pieces that can recrystallize to form a very beautiful countertop material.

One of the upsides to quartzite is that it is a very strong countertop material. Most metamorphic rocks are usually strong but quartzite is certainly something else. Despite its durability, however, quartzite is most well-known for its beauty. People love the crystal-like sparkle of quartzite which makes it easily one of the top options available.

The problem is quartzite though it is relatively harder to find than other types of bathroom countertops. It’s hard to source the material but the good news is that it’s not as expensive as other rare natural stones. In most cases, you’ll have to pre-order quartzite from manufacturers first. As compared to quartz, you’ll have to wait for a really long time before you get your countertop.


In the last couple of years, no other stone has helped signify regal and elegance like marble. When it comes to the countertop industry, there’s nothing that’s more expensive as compared to marble. The price of marble is around $25 to $150 per square foot which is easily one of the top price points for any marble. Of course, you’ll be getting what you paid for with such a countertop.

One of the upsides to marble is that it is a very sturdy material. Due to its sturdiness, it has become one of the top options for kitchen countertops. If it can handle kitchen prep work that’s both light and heavy-duty, then it can sure stand most of the things you need to do inside your bathroom. Despite being durable though, keep in mind that marble does chip easily so it’s best to be careful around it.

Aside from the steep price point, the other downside to marble is that it’s porous. This means that water can be absorbed by the countertop. It is high maintenance so you have to have it maintained every once in a while to ensure that it remains sanitary.


The problem with most natural stone countertops is that they are relatively expensive as compared to man-made options. However, you should treat soapstone differently. The main distinctive feature of soapstone is its texture which many describe as being soft and smooth. While it’s not as durable as other countertop materials, it’s still an excellent choice due to its price.

Soapstone is also non-porous. What this means is that the material can be great for bathrooms where it will get drenched in water most of the time. It’s going to be a great bathroom vanity countertop material because when it gets wet, soapstone doesn’t get slippery. This means the stuff you place on it won’t fall off easily.

As a kitchen countertop material, soapstone is slowly starting to become more and more popular too. Due to its increasing popularity, soapstone is becoming more and more expensive. It is a must that you get soapstone as soon as possible as it is only a matter of time before its price becomes similar to granites.

Vanity countertops for your kitchen are a big investment. As this is a part of the house that can last you for years, it’s a must that you pick the right material. Don’t rush when you’re picking the countertop material for your vanity bathroom. Keep in mind that not all countertop materials are going to be fit for the bathroom so the choice really matters.

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